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Deej's mission: Do right by people, and bring smiles to faces everywhere.

Get 5% to 15% off your order!

We're going to say that this is NOT a sale, since it really isn't. We just need to temporarily branch an income stream.

What we're asking is this: During checkout, select "Check/Money Order" as the method of payment. We'll email you an invoice for the order amount LESS 5% - 15%. You pay the invoice, and everything proceeds as normal.

You can still pay via credit card (regularly or with the invoice), so no problems there.

Again, we're doing this so we can funnel funds to a needful area. It's also cheaper for us, as the transaction fees are less than what we pay to our CC processor. That's where the discount is coming from.

Here's the discount levels:
--- less than $25 = 5% off
--- $25 to $50 = 10% off
--- more than $50 = 15% off

Thanks! deej & Sybil

Attention Canadian Customers

Effective 12-Feb-2015 we will no longer be shipping to Canadian addresses.

This change is driven by the large number of seizures performed by Canadian Customs on even Zero-Nic products.

Should there be a change in Canadian policy, we will revisit OUR policy.

Our apologies, Canada!


(1) NEW LINE: Sybil's Secrets - exclusive to deejStuff

(2) Some flavors have been moved to more appropriate categories. Fruit flavors that were made up of 2 or more fruits have been moved to Fruit Blends and creamy flavors formerly in the Sweetness category have been moved to the Creaminess category.

(3) 10ml bottles are no longer offered EXCEPT as part of a deejStuff 3-Pack or deejStuff 6-Pack.

(4) Pricing on 30ml bottles and larger has been reduced. Pricing on the 15ml remains the same.

(5) Due to increasing "pressure" to provide ALL liquid in child-proof packaging, we are no longer offering standard caps. We apologize for this situation.

(6) A large number of flavors in our menu are not proving to be as popular as we once thought. These have been moved to the Retiring Flavors category. They will remain there for 6 months, at which time we will review and determine whether to keep them on the menu or not. If you can't find a favorite flavor, take a look in the Retiring Flavors category or search for it using our Search Function.

(7) The size options for the deejStuff 6-pack and deejStuff 3-pack have been restricted to 10ml bottles only.

(8) All coupon (discount) codes have been deactivated, and we will not be issuing codes in the future. We are instead giving you our absolute BEST price ALL the time.

Here's to 2015!!

AMAZING Drip Tips from Mystix Studio!!

We here at deejStuff want to draw your attention to Brian over at Mystix Studio.

deejStuff and Mystix Studio are not affiliated with each other, but we here at deejStuff have purchased more than a couple of Brian's tips, and cannot believe the high level of craftsmanship and care he puts into each and every one.

You may know that Witch can be pretty hard on tips, and so far she hasn't been able to even make a minor ding in any of the tips we've got. We've also heard from a friend that they accidentally tried closing their trunk lid on one... not a scratch.

The thing that impresses deej even more is that these tips have a high sheen on them that seems to be permanent! Witch hasn't had to polish one of these tips. Not once!

Do yourself a huge favor and go check out the offerings at Mystix Studio. You WON'T be sorry!

What's the story about Rewards Points?

The Rewards Points program was discontinued in favor of free domestic shipping. Any RPs you currently have may still be used until they've been used up.

Effective Immediately

You may notice that when you get your order that the name on the label doesn't completely match the name on the website. Some examples would be "Caramel Capp. Cheesecake" instead of the "Caramel Cappuccino Cheesecake".

We just ran out of room on the label. What's in the bottle IS what you ordered.

We apologize for any confusion this may cause.

Some names have been changed...

We are modifying our packaging somewhat, and in doing so found that a few flavor names were too long to properly fit on our labels.

The first two "victims" are:

Apocalyptic Lemonberry Explosion is now called Lemonberry Explosion
Apocalyptic Strawberry Lemonade is now called Strawberry Lemonade

Sorry for any confusion this may cause!!

Independent Reviews

From time to time deejStuff gets reviewed in places OTHER than here on the site. We thought we'd provide links to these reviews, so here they are!

Josh, at is a classically trained chef. He's done a couple reviews of deejStuff. Here's his review of Pina Colada and Mango Lemonade

Pupmastermp3's video review of Apple Champagne: Apple Champagn Review

daddysmurf on ECF not only gave us a Flavor Review , he also gave us a Service Review .

Here's Optimo's video review of a few flavors. (Caramel Waffles, Cappuccino, Caramel Cappuccino, Oba Oba, Coffee Dark Roast & Bluemel Caraberry)

Amynunox reviewed some flavors she won from here.

Adam the Aussie on ECF gave us a video review on our Apocalyptic Lemonade.

Over on, you'll find reviews of a number of flavors.

If you've done a review on deejStuff flavors or our Customer Service and you don't see it here, please let deej know at

100% VG??

You may notice that the highest VG you can get is "Max VG" instead of 100% VG (0/100). Why is that? Well, it's deej's attempt to be truthful. You see, none of the flavorings used in any offering uses VG as its carrier. They're all either PG-based or Triacetin-based. We're still trying to figure out the correct wording to indicate that the PG/VG ratio applies ONLY to the additional liquid... the liquid used to dilute the flavor and nic down to the point of vapability.

If you want the MAXIMUM VG used, please select "Max VG". It won't be 100% VG, but it'll be as close as we can make it!

Vote for deejStuff !! has two sections in their site: Top Sites and Top Juices. deejStuff is listed in the Top Sites category, and some of our flavors are listed under Top Juices.

We'd appreciate it if you'd vote for us under Top Sites if you've found our selection, quality and service to be worthy.

Here's the link to Vote for deejStuff

Thank you!

In Other News...

So, poke around... grab some Stuff...

(** but if you have any questions or can't get something to look right just give me a holler)


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